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Zac Hunter is a deeply sensual man, with smooth olive skin and sultry dark eyes made of plush velvet that you can disappear and get lost in. A naturally athletic ALPHA male with a pro athlete past, his love of the outdoors and favourite hobbies keep him superbly fit, toned and muscular. Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or an impeccable handsome tailored suit, Zac looks drop dead gorgeous.

Zac grew up in a big, rambunctious family out on the Aussie heartland, where you cultivate character as much as the soil. Of course a life on the land – big sky, freshly mown fields and sunshine – conjures an erotically charged, earthy masculinity that fuels a city girl’s fantasies and rural erotic fiction to perfection (think ’50 Blades of Hay’). Zac’s electric sexual presence exemplifies this work-the-fields hotness, but his country values also resonate brilliantly in the field of intimacy: he is gentle yet strong, authentic yet dreamlike, honest yet considerate and real yet breathtaking.

Zac aims to please first and foremost which helps him stand out in the adult entertainment realm. He often receives feedback on his promptness and professionalism, right from the very first contact.

His relaxed and humble personality will free your mind from all worry, melt your heart and instantly arouse your senses. He says being the centre of attention and daily selfies are just not his style. A great listener and intuitive personality, he is particularly sensitive to the needs, wants and deepest desires of his clientele – sometimes before they know what they want themselves.

On the surface Zac has a laid-back, calm demeanour but still waters run deep. He is that rare combination that woman dream about – a rugged, ultra-masculine force. Zac knows how to light the spark and open the door to fantasy. Adept at creating an experience that evolves from teasing and sensual kissing to full on passion, Zac will craft unforgettable, thrilling, sexy memories to last a lifetime – for individuals or couples. Under his polite exterior is an uninhibited man who will cater to your every need and satisfy your most carnal desires, taking you to inexperienced heights of ecstasy that will leave you breathless and craving more.

Living the life of a committed hedonist, Zac immerses himself into every experience to seek pleasure for not only himself but those who he finds himself close to. He is soulful and sensual as much as the ALPHA male he is, that loves to make it rough and wild.

Stop fantasising and contact Zac today to explore everything you’ve always wanted to.


Exclusive Companion

Whether it’s an event you would love to be escorted to or a companion to loose track of time with, you will have Zac’s undivided attention where he will satisfy your every need with every moment being about you. Zac loves escaping away for the weekend or on longer vacations to just about anywhere. He also offers other experiences under this type of encounter such as ménage à trois or ménage à quatre. Of course Zac is not limited to these options and would love discussing what you had in mind.

Dining with Zac

Experience a flirtatious dining experience followed by a very indulgent dessert. Zac loves to get his hands dirty in the kitchen. He can arrange experiences where dinner can be enjoyed at premium restaurants, or for a more intimate dinner date, Zac will cook and host for you in a private location.

Explore More

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about what you want most out of this experience, life is far too short. Let Zac take you to your edges with kinky play that you have previously only dared dream about. He has the mastery and experience to conjure a completely trustworthy environment – essential for this walk on the wild side.

Tailor Something Especially For You

Imagine a playground that has been entirely customised and designed for your pleasure. In this space, the sky is truly the limit. Not many people ever get to realise their deepest, most secret desires in the flesh – you’ll be one of the lucky few. Tap into your imagination and adventurous side; dig deeper and share your most unexplored fantasies. Let Zac make your wildest dreams thrillingly real. Whatever they are, he’s ready for you.

Zac’s Network

Zac can arrange other adult enjoyment with it’s own distinctive personality and flavor. He can organise and adapt brilliantly to deliver an adult experience like no other.

Whether you are looking to spoil yourself or a group, Zac’s impeccable network will ensure a certain level of quality, service and sizzling hot chemistry. Zac wouldn’t put his name on the line for anything less.

Special Terms & Conditions

Get in touch with me

Zac always makes the effort to respond to every person who tries to connect with him.

Zac can be easily contacted by text message, phone call and email. Please keep in mind that Zac cannot always answer your phone calls and talk, the nature of what is discussed is not always suitable for him to talk in certain environments.

Social Media is not a reliable platform to contact Zac, I hope you understand.


Social Media


  • Age: 28
  • Height: 180cm/6′
  • Weight: 84kg
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Complexion/Skin: Olive
  • Couples Bookings: Yes


Location Start Date End Date
Sydney 05/07/2020 08/07/2020

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"Incredible level of intimacy…..."

I’ve been seeing Zac for 8 months and like most of his clients I’d prefer to keep this treasure of a gorgeous man all to myself… However, it’s not fair not to give this amazing guy the praise he deserves. When I met Zac I had recently been through an upsetting and disappointing experience with another male escort.

I now appreciate that some things really do happen for a reason, even more so than I did before.

Zac provided me with the caring and sensitivity that I needed, but he also combined it with right amount of pragmatism. Instead of wallowing in hurt and self pity, he helped me to see that there was so much more to life than what I was upset about. For that I will always be so very grateful.

Zac truly loves helping people, and there is no doubt he loves women’s company. He is a truly humble person who I believe doesn’t fully realise how incredibly hot and talented he is. But that just adds to his beauty. Zac has the ability to provide an incredible level of intimacy and satisfaction that will leave you floating on cloud nine for days. I couldn’t recommend Zac more highly, and will be continuing to see him for quite some time. Zac hon, I couldn’t admire and adore you more for simply being you. Thank you.xo.

Human Resources Advisor

"He truly is amazing…..."

Zac is a true gentleman he made me feel safe and so comfortable from the first moment we met as I was very nervous, Zac has the sweetest smile and abit cheeky aswell but I like that. He certainly knows how to make you feel special with his passionate kisses and his touch is so gentle.

Zac’s body is amazing it makes you melt when your close.
Zac is like my very own Prince Charming handsome, classy and confident, his my escape from the world. I don’t really want to recommend Zac to any other woman as I want him all to myself no Zac does not disappoint he truly is amazing.
Ps. He is also an unbelievable kisser


"Pure escapism…..."

I almost don’t want to write this because it means I’m sharing my secret… Zac is like the hot landscaper mixed with Christian Grey.. only.. better.

He doesn’t show his eyes in photos and quite honestly it’s one of the best things about him.. not to mention what he has…… in his pants.

Being with him is pure escapism.. he doesn’t let you think of anything other than the pleasure he gives.. When he makes time to see you…. you’ll be his princess or naughty girl……. or maybe both.


"Buckle up for the ride…..."

I met with Zac Hunter a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is “buckle up for the ride”. He is outstanding and killer looks to match. I don’t get to experience this often and Zac made me feel like I was at home. Not someone to miss out on – honestly mean that!!!!

Definitely will take out the ‘escort of the year’ award!!!!


"Masculine, sensual, considerate…..."

Zac is one of the hottest guys I have met.
Masculine, sensual, considerate and he knows how to please.
Great body with beautiful eyes and smile.
I will be back for more.


"Sweet, sensitive and genuine…..."

Everything that he says he is and more.

Zac’s photo’s do not do him any justice, he is 10 times hotter then any of his photos and his personality is sweet, sensitive and genuine.

In my previous experiences, I have noticed that photos are not 100% authentic and have been edited.

Zac’s photos, on the other hand, gives the viewer a little taste of what is to come if you’re lucky enough to experience him in person.
I know I will be a regular client of Zac here on out.

Project Manager

"Not only was he professional, he was so much more..."

I felt shy and embarrassed meeting Zac because I was carrying a secret: I was a virgin. I had been waiting for someone or something special to happen but it just wasn’t my time yet. I was longing to feel like a woman but had no sexual experience – what a blessing that I had Zac to guide me over the line.

Not only was he professional, he was so much more: kind. He went out of his way to make me feel at ease and help me relax into the experience in my own time; he couldn’t have been more patient.

With Zac by my side I felt comfortable trying new things – and he would always check in to make sure I was okay. There was plenty of emotional space to ask questions, no matter how weird. I felt safe, supported and ended up having an exquisite first experience that will always remain a precious memory. Zac is a true, generous giver and I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with his service.


"satisfied every time..."

Don’t be fooled by the clean shaven nice exterior, I love it rough and Zac certainly knows how to accommodate!

If I need a good spanking he knows how to give it to me just the way I like it, having enough stamina to leave me satisfied every time.

Real Estate Agent

"A real gentleman…..."

I can’t even begin to explain the incredible time Zac gave me! He’s a real gentleman and so easy to get on with. He made me feel so comfortable from the very first meeting and our time spent together was made memorable by his attentiveness.

His charming personality, handsome looks and sexy physique made me so glad to have spent time with him. He’s so caring and eager to give you want you want. Ladies, I highly recommend him – you won’t be disappointed.

Can’t wait for future rendezvous xx


"You’ll be back for more…..."

It is always nerve-wracking not knowing what the face is like of the escort you have booked to see. Is the blurred face genuinely for discretion reasons, or because the escort has a face that is quasimodo-esque?

This isn’t an issue with Zac Hunter as he is a seriously handsome guy with a hot body and very pleasing big ****. His appeal is more than looks though and within the first few minutes of bedroom action it becomes apparent this is a man who knows his way around a woman’s body. (How does a guy in his mid-20s get to be so sexually skillful?)

If you are nervous about seeing an escort for the first time, or have been disappointed with the quality of men you’ve seen before, give Zac a go. You’ll be back for more.

Jess xoxo

PS. He’s a sensational kisser too 😉


"He made a huge impact on my life…..."

Zac helped me through one of the tougher times in my life. I was going through a mid-life crises when I came across Zac and the rest is history. He made a huge impact on my life, even if he didn’t realise it. For that I am very grateful.

Mid-Life Crises or not, I highly recommend seeing Zac.


"Loves to please…..."

He is a well mannered nice guy with great looks and loves to please. Had a great experience in a very nice clean space. Felt refreshed and was worth it. Will go back again for sure.


"Incredibly sensual…..."

Zac is an incredibly handsome man. Beyond that, from the moment I arrived he made me feel welcome and at ease. We chatted, got to know one another, relaxed and had an incredibly sensual time together. I rate Zac’s escort experiences as my best ever. I look forward to seeing Zac again.

Personal Assistant

"Surpasses all expectations…..."

From start to finish, Zac is a star. He is a relaxed, friendly and very good at what he does. The experiences he delivers is out of this world. Throughout the encounter Zac puts you at ease and surpasses all expectations.

He is a very good looking guy with an amazing body that is very powerful. He is in tune with his client and puts you at ease.

Zac is a genuine guy who goes out of his way to ensure that you leave completely satisfied. Ten out of ten.


"I only wish I had booked longer…..."

Zac is truly gorgeous and a total professional! It was my first time booking an escort and he was charming, sweet and incredibly handsome, and even more beautiful in ‘real life’.

Read less
One of the things that attracted me to Zac’s profile was that he described himself as ‘warm’ – he made me feel comfortable and at ease and was a true gentleman throughout the booking, even soaping me up in the shower! The sex was super hot, he is a great communicator and exceptionally well endowed. I only wish I had booked longer so I could have more! Definitely recommend this one 🙂


"never acts like he knows he is handsome or talks about himself incessa..."

This man needs to start giving lessons to other men about how to treat women, both in and out of the bedroom.

Some random words ladies . . .

Humble . . . CHECK

Attention to detail . . . CHECK

Kindness . . . CHECK

Sensual . . . CHECK

Great Conversation . . . CHECK

Interesting . . . CHECK

Well mannered . . . CHECK

Then comes the physical . . . Understated.

A truly hot man with heart and soul who never acts like he knows he is handsome or talks about himself incessantly.

Ladies, if you have never felt like a man has truly touched you or “seen you” and you want to know what that feels like, this gentleman is your guy.

Spending time with this kind, gentle, strong and masculine man has made me feel connected to a part of myself that I had thought was lost forever. Sometimes the most special, unexpected gifts and lessons in life come from the most unlikely places.

Oh sorry – I suppose you are all wondering who I am referring to? His name is Zac, sometimes I like to call him “Mr Hunter”.


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