Portia Paris


  • Base Location: Sydney
  • Mobile: +61 400 149 979
    *Text Message Only
  • SWA: SWA11777XE

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Firstly, thank you for checking me out ?
I am in my 20s & come from a Euro/Anglo background.

The photos you are viewing are current.
I flaunt the same striking looks & physique in real life.
I maintain a healthy lifestyle, love the gym & looking after myself.

Personally I am extremely passionate, playful & I love sex!
I hold a extraordinarily open & positive mind set which is what has led me
to becoming a high class escort.
I absolutely love my flirty lifestyle I get to share!

Discretion is a very important subject to me.
Rest assured our time together will remain strictly confidential.

Can't wait to meet you & spend quality time ?

I update my social media regularly with new selfies & videos
if you desire to see more!



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To book: Please introduce yourself & ensure your message includes all details listed:

Name, City, Preferred Date/Time, Service, Duration, Incall or Outcall.

My availability is subjective to these details.

Please Text or email these details to:

+61 400 149 979 or

  • Deposit Required for all bookings every time we meet.
  • Advanced booking recommended.
  • Persistent uninvited calls will result in a blocked number.


◦ If you are visiting Australia and desire to make a booking from overseas prior to arrival you can text your enquiry using WhatsApp on +61 400 149 979

Follow me on Twitter: @PortiaParisxxx
Follow me on Instagram: @lustyadventurer


  • Base Location: Sydney
  • Mobile: +61 400 149 979
    *Text Message Only
  • SWA: SWA11777XE

Social Media


  • Age: 20s
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Busty
  • Dress Size: 6
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Complexion/Skin: Tanned


Location Start Date End Date
Sydney 01/10/2019 31/10/2019

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With a trip planned to Sydney 4 weeks in advance, I had a look at the various sites and discovered a new woman suiting my likes. Petite, blonde, busty - the barbie/sultry look.

After agreeing on a day after my initial message. Portia and I kept in contact getting to know each other and closer to the day I was so excited for our meeting.

Portia sent me a photo of what she was going to be wearing, a new lingerie set in leather.

Meeting her in the lobby, I lost my breath with her beauty, straight out of a playboy magazine and as her profile describes, the Barbie look is 100% accurate.

We kissed, gave each other pleasure of most of the booking which is exactly what I am into. The foreplay is better than sex for me, in saying that I enjoyed the main event alot.

Highly recommended, not only for the beautiful looks, but the wonderful personality.


"NICK S..."

They say a picture tells a thousand words but Portia's sell short the experience that I had with her tenfold. She is stunning, more so than her pictures show but her photos only tell part of the story - she is so much more than that.

My time with Portia I will never forget. I knew I would be spending time with a goddess but the vision that greeted me was beyond belief. And it was all uphill from there.

It was tremendous. Her amazing curves, her beautiful face and her seemingly never ending energy - unbelievable.

While she was physically astonishing, she was fantastic to converse with, something I place a lot in. The physical intimacy is always important but there is something so intimate about simply talking to someone interesting, particularly when disrobed.

Portia was a pleasure to see and I cannot wait for her next tour.



While I write this review I feel conflicted, partly because I want to share my experience with others (it is the courteous thing to do), and partly because she is just so special I want to keep her all to myself.

My experience with Portia was nothing short of mind blowing. She’s a little sex bomb with a playful yet naughty side! We spoke on and off for a month planning our time together and getting acquainted. She was always obliging and friendly while keeping things professional. Her body is quite simply out of this world! She’s also beautiful beyond belief, and easy going. I found myself having to do intermittent reality checks, out of utter disbelief… “Is this really happening? Could she really be this amazing?”. Gents, and ladies (if you’re into that), I can assure you that she is the real deal.

I booked a 1.5 hour appointment with her thinking it would be plenty of time and before we knew it, the time was up! Sensual, indulgent, intense pleasure.
Thank you Portia for our time together, you rocked my world!



I met Portia earlier today. Instructions were easy to follow and as soon as I entered her apartment we hit it off immediately.

Portia has a amazing body and was great company. The hour flew by so quickly and it was a great time.

If you’re looking for a great time with a beautiful women then Portia is your girl.



I had the exquisite pleasure of an hour of Portia's company in Canberra last week. Portia is a true goddess. Unparalleled physical form, beautiful sweet demeanour, charming personality. I wish I could have spent an eternity of time with her. She deserves only good things and happiness, as she inevitably brings joy to others. Beautiful, wonderful, femine angel. I hope only light and happiness enters your world Portia. Thinking of you fondly.

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