Kyla Winter


  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0484 537 894
    *Text Message Only
  • SWA: SWA 10078XE

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Passion, intimacy... I adore the company of men.


Don’t be fooled by my girl next door looks or my corporate attire. Underneath my blouse and skirt is my stockings and suspenders and lacy panties, and underneath that, well, I’ll leave that to your wild imagination…

I am new to the industry and have finally found my calling. I live, breathe and devour men and sex – not only do I crave the passion and intimacy that this profession allows but I adore the company of men.

I can be your sweet girlfriend who loves nothing more than basking in the glory of your touch or I can turn the heat up and give you the dirty sex you’ve only dreamed off.

I expect good manners, respect and honesty. I don’t see an endless stream of gentlemen and prefer longer bookings to one in, one out.

Looking forward to meeting you soon…


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Special Terms & Conditions

Please contact me for my availability

Available by appointment only

Pre-bookings are highly recommended as my calendar tends to fill up in advance.

Please note that I require a deposit to secure the booking. Payable into a discreet account via online transfer.


Please have the remainder of payment in CASH - Handed to me in an unsealed envelope, please don't make me ask

Bookings outside my available hours will incur a $100 surcharge

Available for outcall to 4 and 5 star hotels in and around Melbourne CBD only. Private residences will not be visited unless we have met at a hotel previously.


  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0484 537 894
    *Text Message Only
  • SWA: SWA 10078XE

Social Media


  • Age: 29
  • Height: 175cm
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Complexion/Skin: Tan


Location Start Date End Date
INTERNATIONAL TOUR - Hong Kong 01/10/2019 07/10/2019

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"O AND J..."

We were left blown away. Kyla was everything we had hoped for and soooo much more. She is truly stunning. Her smile stopped us in our tracks. From the moment we laid eyes on her we couldn't quite believe our good fortune. Though our nerves were still evident, they were quickly put to rest while we got to know Kyla over a glass of champagne. She is immediately engaging, calming and most definitely enticing. We are a couple who love exploring and Kyla took this to new heights. We can not recommend Kyla enough. My boyfriend and I are smitten and I have a huge crush Thank you Kyla x


She is at times candid, delightfully frank and can show biting sarcasm. But she ultimately tempers this with a light touch and a genuinely empathetic nature.

Of course I cannot pretend to know who KW really is, or what goes through her mind. Who can, with only one meeting (however many hours it may be).

But what I saw was intriguing.

Superficially, she is very pretty, with the kind of looks that many would be intimidated by. I couldn't tell for sure, but it really seemed as though men were, by strange coincidence, keen to take pictures of things in her general direction when she walked by!

The lasting impression is of a young woman who can play a 'blonde' role (and play it well!) but who in fact has an incredibly incisive mind, who is pragmatic, ambitious and who is mature for her years.

I told her I would be happy to spend long lunches with her, with perhaps only ice cream for desert. I may be accused of being disingenuous, but I like to think I meant it.

Whatever the truth of it, I very much enjoyed her company, and had a truly fun time.


By now, a day or two has passed, and as I look back on my time in Melbourne; reality has begun to fade to memory - what was clear, becomes instead gently misty. Kyla and Keira, who are creatures of wonder, have known each other a long time. TL;DR: yes, my god yes.

So to play with both of them for an afternoon was something that happened serendipitously. When all is said and done, and I reflect on the good and bad decisions I made in life, I have no doubt that asking Keira if 'her friend Kyla was free to join us this afternoon' will rank as one of the best decisions I've ever made. They are genuinely in sync, and this is apparent in the way they enjoy each other's company, play with each other (both sexually and otherwise), touch each other and laugh together.

Marvellously, Kyla's a wonderfully open person, and what could easily force one out of intimacy by being exclusionary, instead becomes delightfully conspiratorial. Her easy smile, incredible physique and deep brown eyes are filled with delightful naughtiness. And, for the sake of clarity, her pictures do not do her justice; she's sophisticated, humorous, beautiful, statuesque, sartorially elegant and just bloody good fun, and I enjoyed my time with her intensely. I won't go into specific detail, but I will say that she's incredibly fun, sexy, dirty in parts and affectionate in others. I'm so glad our paths crossed, and I'm deliriously in love with both of them. What a wonderful world we live in.

This review is based on spending an afternoon with Kyla, arranged through her friend Keira Quinn.


I had the splendid opportunity to meet with Kyla for a one hour session a few weeks back and it was my first experience with a WL. I was extremely nervous and my phone also played up and all of her prior communications I hadnt received. In any case, I met her in the foyer and she put me at ease straight away and she was absolutely stunning. She looks elegant yet sexy and I couldn't wait to take her up to my room. Without delving into too much, her body is absolutely amazing and the sex will take some beating. Thanks Kyla


I have just had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Kyla for 3 delightful hours. Communication prior to the meeting was clear and easy. When we met I couldn't stop smiling, she was more attractive than I had dared to hope. Conversation was interesting and easy. When we were ready for the next level I was a little gobsmacked - no gory details but wow. Kyla has a beautiful all natural figure and is a lovely genuine person. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and offer a firm recommendation to any decent sorts who are considering a great experience. Thank you Kyla - I am still grinning! x

"IAN M..."

I had the good fortune to celebrate Kyla's first anniversary with her as an escort and consider myself a very lucky man.
Kyla is an extremely sophisticated and beautiful lady but more importantly a really fun person to be with. She arrived wearing a classic white dress and we enjoyed easy conversation and shared a glass of champagne.
I will not share the intimate details of what followed but can assure you it was a truly wonderful afternoon which I hope to relive very soon
If you are looking for a stunning, intelligent lady of true class then make sure you contact Kyla. You will be glad you did
Thank you Kyla
Ian M x

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