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Kimber is recognized as one Brisbane's best independent private escort companions after consistently delivering memorable experiences.

Kimber only works part-time but where possible, loves entertaining on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay or anywhere in the world by request.

Kimber is best described as AUTHENTIC and REAL; she simply cannot do perfect or fake. What’s interesting about perfect anyway? Nothing. Kimber is unapologetically herself, she's the breath of fresh air you have long been waiting to meet.

Kimber is playful and loves seducing, Being an escort comes so naturally to her. Bringing joy, connecting, sexual release and fun filled adventure with her dates brings her pleasure in life.

There is no denying Kimber is strikingly beautiful, but physical beauty only opens the door per se. Our souls crave intimate and emotional connection, beauty only satisfies for a moment. Kimber's charismatic personality, charm, rawness and cheeky nature which will captivate you and entertain long after the novelty of good looks wear off.

Ms Slone's style always best compliments her fit curvy womanly figure. Kimber is a firm believer that a sexy look is not complete unless your really feeling the look your in. She will come dressed for the occasion you request.

Kimber prefers to keep her client base exclusive and only commits to a few dates a week. Exclusive doesn't mean she's unattainable or pretentious, just not readily available. Trust me, Kimber is worth the little bit of effort it takes to plan your indulgent date. The bonus is you both will have something to look forward to amongst the chaos we often call life!

Please enquire via EMAIL at your earliest convenience to make a date with Kimber. If I do not respond within 24 hours, check your junk box as emails are occasionally sent there.


Special Terms & Conditions

Bondassage: (not full GFE services)
I am trained in the art of Bondassage. My bondassage style is soft, intimate, erotic and sensual.This experience takes you on a sexual journey where you completely let go, surrender yourself to me and to pure sexual bliss. Are you ready to explore new territory with me?

2 hours: $700
3 hours: $1000
PS: Do not request 1 hour. It is not offered for this experience.
PS: Bondassage is included in all naughty GFE requests over 2 hours.

Naughty GFE: (All inclusive services)
My naughty girlfriend experience is ALL INCLUSIVE and certainly aims to PLEASE your sexual appetite. Its a naughty GFE with a twist of PSE. Enquire for services inclusions.

1 hour $600
1.5 hours $800
2 hours $1000
Subsequent hours are $400 p/h

NB: Kimber’s preference is 2+ hours. Pricing reflects this and it is the reason I heavily reduce subsequent hours.

NB: Available for exclusive travel requests.

The signature experience. What I am known for and love to provide. Packages priced competitively to entice you ALL!
4 hour dinner date: $1500
6 hour extended date: $2000
15 hour overnight: $3500
#Kimbercation #travelcompanion Package: From $4000 (2 days/1night)
NB: visit My website for more information.

Do you want me to visit your city but can't quite afford a fly me to you experience? You can now sponsor my tour! How? Simply book my stop the clock package valued at $3000 and I will arrange a tour suitable to your booking request. How amazing is that!

1. preference is given to longer bookings & advanced bookings.
2. Same pricing is applicable for couple requests. MMF requests incur an additional fee.
3. Travel fees may apply for bookings under 3 hours.
4. Please refer to touring rates for bookings outside of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
5. Deposits are ESSENTIAL. I only take 1-2 bookings per week and confirmation by payment is a must.
6. Payment is made via cash or bank transfer.
7. Bookings that start 9pm or later incur $200 inconvenience fee.


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  • Age: 31
  • Height: 170cm
  • Hair Colour: Hazel
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Dress Size: 10
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Complexion/Skin: Fair/Olive
  • Couples Bookings: Yes


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I wanted to gift something 'out of the box' to my partner for his birthday & decided that a threesome could could be a winner. We were recommended to Kimber after our original plan had to cancel & recommended Kimber to us. Kimber was prompt to reply to our late notice request.

Kimber suggested for me to do a list of things that I didn't want to happen as all couples are so different. I did a list of boundaries & then sat down with my partner & noted some things we also wanted to see happen. The whole process itself was quite exciting.

I went into this situation with my partner knowing that I could pull out at anytime and honestly thought I probably would. I consider myself very jealous, and the thought of someone else kissing him was physically sickening. I chose this option of choosing a professional as I was hoping that her experience in doing this would be enough to make me feel comfortable to go ahead. She didn't disappoint.

We met the lovely Kimber at the proposed place & had a few drinks at a bar. She was super friendly & gorgeous. She pre warned us that she wasn't getting 'dulled up' which was a sigh of relief. She didn't need to anyway as she was elegant & beautiful in her own skin. Her personality was even more attractive & it was easy to have a good conversation.

Anyway things got down to business later on & Kimber made me feel very comfortable & feminine in my own skin while we put on a bit of a show for the birthday boy. Kimber took every note into consideration and fulfilled our requests. The events flowed so naturally and all of us had a fantastic time. It went so much better than I ever could have imagined & would like to thank Kimber for being able to turn the 'ultimate threesome fantasy' into reality.

I would highly recommend Kimber for couples to have been thinking about it. One of the best decisions we have made and absolutely no regrets.

Thank you : )

"B X..."

Now I have been very fortunate over the past year and more to have numerous bookings with the lovely Kimber Slone. If we have followed Kimber on twitter we have seen this special experience called a #kimbercation. I have been lucky enough to share quite a few of these experiences with Kimber and share our latest travels below.

The one thing that I have learned sharing time with Kimber is that while every moment you spend with her is wonderful, there is nothing more special than a #kimbercation so I was lucky enough to organise a special trip to a luxury destination in the Whitsundays.

Arranging a #kimbercation takes a little bit of time and planning from both parties and as always Kimber was generous with her time in planning and we agreed on the exact dates and timing of flights and activities. Tip please ensure that the flights aren’t too early who likes an early flight and that includes Kimber. It is best to ensure that the time away is not a completely planned itinerary as the best part of being with Kimber is making your own fun while away.

I met Kimber ready for the flight and wow she looked amazing in a beautiful play suit so stunning – she always looks the part wherever we are heading. I personally love the natural look and the sun holiday is the perfect place for Kimber to be in her element. Sun, Bikinis, tanning and summer dresses thank you very much. It’s a perfect mixture of sexy and casual all the time.

Once we arrived at the location, we were shown to our beautiful villa and was greeted by a wonderful bottle of Charles Heidsieck (‘CH’). We both decided that a lovely cheese platter would set off this bottle and caught up and enjoyed the wonderful view. I enjoy chatting and conversing with Kimber and admiring her beauty is an added bonus. The benefit of going on a Kimbercation is that we can take our time together while I was very much looking forward to having playtime there was plenty of time to share intimate time together. That is what is so special we take the time as it comes.

We had a wonderful afternoon and night organised first we were off to a sunset cruise. Absolutely amazing a beautiful boat and through the Whitsundays and while a little chilly (Kimber didn’t check the weather forecast) but it was perfect with more FREE CH champagne so we decided to continue having a few more drinks or bottles. Now I used to be a large drinker and still handle my alcohol reasonably well, but me being new to champagne we were both getting a little more than tipsy.

Then we were off to a wonderful degustation meal with a beautiful outlook onto the Whitsundays. The meal was delicious and we both switched to the mineral water together with a wonderful relaxed conversation with Kimber, there was a private boat offshore and she was convinced there was plenty of sex happening on the boat. She has better eyes than me but maybe was a little flirting for later in the night.

We made our way back to the villa and we both had such an amazing day, but the best was just about to come. I was also sure that I made it special I purchased some new Calvin Klein underwear to look as sexy as possible as Kimber has always worn special lingerie for me. She liked the effort but as always underwear is better off than on just like her AP set - I must admit always so excited seeing her naked body come to bed.

The intimacy that we share is unrivalled to any other experience that I have had in the past, there is the sweet delicate kisses mixed with times of unbridled passion between us, always leaves me feeling the luckiest man in the world. It was a perfect day and amazing night and was in a state of pure bliss and relaxation and the best part of this experience is that this #kimbercation was going to last a few more days. We cuddled with some long sweet kisses and then went to each other’s side of the bed to get that great sleep to enjoy the rest of the trip.

Now I was so happy that I could accompany Kimber to a beautiful location and a luxury resort that had been on her bucket list. But my bucket list experiences I have had in the past without Kimber have never been like this – it is the company that you are with that makes the experiences that you will remember for a long long time. The fun, the laughter, the relaxation, the pure indulgence and having such a sexy, sweet intelligent lady to share our time together both outside and inside the villa.

The rest of the #kimbercation was amazing with special treats such as a secluded beach lunch, visit to Whitehaven Beach, Champagne and Oyster tasting. Also, a most wonderful day laying by the pool chatting, reading, some further cocktails a lovely lunch, lots of sun and tanning just generally chilling out. We also love watching a movie either documentary, arthouse or a comedy during our trip just like any couple that enjoys a relaxing end to a night. Simple things and experiences in life sometimes can’t be beaten.

Now most would say that the location would lead to an amazing holiday but to be honest this was a wonderful relaxing holiday due to the companionship of a very special lady who provides a wonderful experience. The more time I spend with Kimber the more likely I am to arrange these bucket list worthy #kimbercation to ensure that I obtain the ultimate experience. There will be dinner dates and overnights but we are already planning our next adventure for the 2018 year and will always include sun, sand, food, culture and by the sea.

The more time you spend with this lady the more you will cherish the experience and crave the attention of this genuine, fun and honest lady who has provided a substantial change to my life and look forward to each and every moment of my future and our travels together.

The real connection is gained by spending significant time together that is attained through a #kimbercation and something that will never be achieved by seeing multiple ladies and hence why I will always see only Kimber in the future. She has a special place in my soul and also more importantly in my memory board. Kimber we will continue to ‘Make memories all over the world’.

I would recommend spending time with Kimber and take her to one of her bucket list places and experiences. She will ensure the experience is enhanced and is greater that you ever thought possible. Open your mind to enjoy the companionship of this special lady and equally enjoy the special time together behind closed doors. In my mind the time spent with her enjoying travels and experiences can’t be beaten however I haven’t completely lost my mind and the sex and intimate moments we shared are equal to these and play back in my mind as frequently as the other times we spent together.

Thank you, Kimber, for the wonderful #kimbercation and can’t wait to see you again shortly – it was very very special xx


I was lucky enough to have a dinner date with Kimber. Right from the outset i knew i was in for a special evening. Arranging the booking was very simple and Kimber was very accommodating of my requests. Kimber is a stunning lady and has an amazing personailty. Having a dinner date with a lady as beautiful as Kimber was certainly a dream come true. I cannot emphasis enough how easy it was to have a conversation with Kimber because she makes you feel very special. If you are thinking of making a booking with Kimber dont think about it just do it. Kimber you made my dreams come true in every way. I have had numerous bookings with a number of ladies but Kimber is the best by a country mile.

Thank you so much for being amazing.

" B AGAIN..."

When you normally write a review it is after the meeting. But in my case the excitement of seeing Kimber again means that the anticipation can't be stopped by mere formalities.

Kimber is what you would say an amazing and again an amazing date a wonderful experience and truly a fantastic beautiful gorgeous lover. Her eyes memorize your whole body and she is one who hypnotizes your thoughts and your mind and you sit there and wonder how you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy such an amazing time with a beautiful women.

There will be so many more reviews but she is such an amazing women. I very much look forward to my kimbercation this week - it will be an amazing experience a delicious dinner, a fantastic enticing time together and so so much more than can be mentioned in a review. Kimber is an amazing women an ultimate companion and a beautiful soul that one can only be so lucky to be in her company and enjoy all that she is able to provide.

The expectation is intolerable, the fantasy is indescribable, but to be honest the embrace is everything that I've ever wanted and ever expected. Can't wait to see you again Kimber and enjoy an amazing experience with you. A #kimbercation is mine and can't wait to enjoy that precious time with such an amazing beautiful women. Kimber can't wait for you to join me.

B xox


I had a pleasure to meet Kimber for a dinner date when she was in Sydney. We had the most amazing time together which I will remember for a long time to come. Thank you so much for our lovely evening Kimber, it was such a pleasure to get to know you. I really hope to see you again


To such a special woman,

What can you say about the women Kimber Slone? There a very little words that can do justice to the substantial impact this amazing women has had on my life.

It’s been just over a year since I first met Kimber on a short booking, but since that wonderful date there is little doubt in my mind that I would regularly want to meet such a wonderful woman which I have been lucky enough to do. Now one may just say that there is nothing better than sharing time with Kimber in the bedroom however if that was true my experience would not have been the ground breaking adventure my life required.

There are so many words that may be written to describe Kimber, but through my eyes it is that she is so beautiful with natural beauty, gorgeous curves and such a sexy stunning tanned body that is simply amazing. It’s also her natural glow that allows her to shine from those smoldering eyes, cheeky smile and charismatic personality that just can’t help to make you laugh and smile. She has an aura that is intoxicating, mesmerizing and so comforting.

She’s been such a substantial impact on my life as you can’t discount the genuineness of this women. She has such an amazing heart and has been so generous with her guidance in getting my life back on track, after substantial changes in my personal life she has made me gain the confidence to really live MY life. The conversations we have engaged in have had substantial depth and understanding and has done so much to give me the energy and willingness to begin to really respect myself and make changes to how I want to live my life both personally and professionally. Without that encouragement to gain confidence in myself to grab and make the most of opportunities I’m sure I would be just treading water right now.

Kimber is an extremely intelligent and one who has so many ideas and I love the conversations we have and the excitement in her whole face when we work through a solution to a problem either one of us are having in our lives. She is so dedicated to every facet of her life, Kimber will continue to be amazing success in her life as well as her opportunities in business and I have no doubt she is a star in everything she does and this star will continue to grow brighter and brighter.

We have had such a wonderful time over the last year, enjoyed magical overnights spending time over wonderful dinners and having fun just trying something new. She gets you out of your comfort zone and you never want to go back to those standard dates, the experiences have been so special, eye opening and just fills your body with immense energy to take on the world and drive to be a better person.

My most memorable experience has been the multiple night bookings away including trips to wonderful places all different and equally memorable, adventure trips, exploring new and wonderful cities and numerous secluded places to just sit relax and unwind with this absolute gem of a women including spending time with her for my birthday.

Our last date was amazing, first such a delicious relaxing late lunch / dinner (seafood which is very new for me) down the Gold Coast followed by snuggling up to her with those cute sexy pj’s watching a DVD and followed by a wonderful night that I will truly remember. Waking up to Kimber is such a special moment in your life you realise that this is not a dream but one that comes true, together with the scrumptious breakfast it was a sensual and relaxing start to the morning. Then it was time for some exercise on my new cruiser bike selected with Kimber and her on her rollerblades. There is nothing sexier than the sight of Kimber in front of you she has magnificent fit body, but of course as always I was happy to give her a tow it was a substantial workout to her favourite lunch place and then back home. This was where the date ends but I’m lucky enough to know that we will see each other again very shortly.

The intimacy that we share is unrivalled to any other experience that I have had in the past, there is the sweet delicate kisses mixed with times of unbridled passion between us, always leaves me feeling the luckiest man in the world. She truly nourishes your mind, body and soul and extracts the best side of you and you’ll never be happier than when you see that cheeky smile coming to see you for the next date. There are no nerves now, just excitement of where this date with lead us on our journey and the many memories that you’ll have and you’ll be smiling and also dreaming about those wonderful dates and expectations of what the future in 2017 will bring.

This may not be a review in true sense of the word, but she really is such a special women and any person who even meets this woman let alone spend time with her in this world will know that she is one of a kind. I hope I have treated her as special as she is being such a genuine, honest and caring woman with such a kind heart.

I can’t thank you enough and look forward to 2017.

B xxxx

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