Ellie Zena


  • Base Location: Brisbane
  • Mobile: 0429 587 398
    *Text Message Only

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As you can see in my pictures, my breasts are all natural, and I have a very soft and curvy woman's body, I have the same dimensions as Marilyn Monroe, and am very tall with a beautiful Australian accent. I am very friendly, and usually greet with a yummy kiss!

I love threesome, and specialize in couples! Having done many of them in the past, including a polygamous relationship, I understand how to equally share intimate attention between a couple and love helping the erotic playtime between us. I am totally into women, and love getting to turn a girl on...
(If you really want to try a threeway and can't byo a girlfriend, don't worry - I can bring my own!)

I have been a strippper since 2014, dancing all over Brisbane, Australia and I am frequently found at Sexpo. I have been a pole dance instructor, competed in an pole strip comp and published in both people and picture multiple times. I am very playful in nature and swing mostly between the realms of playful and sexy. I loove teasing, it is my favorite thing to do, both sexually and with my eyes. I love stripping and own a pole which I can bring to bookings for a legitimate stripper experience (let me know well in advance!). I also have a biomedical science degree, and obviously I don’t work in that field, I am well educated and love intellectual conversation, manners and tantisising the mind with conversation. My other interests include money, sex, meditation, human psychology, personal development, fitness, enjoying wine and food, women (I am genuinely bisexual - even pansexual), and explorating nature’s beauty.

I did shave my head, although my hair is growing back now! I liked the aesthetic and the way my striking feminine features were brought to life. I love the shape and stunning look it gave me and I felt very bold and goddessly. I was often told how it turns men on, and they love the smooth sexy roundness and the continuous silky curves it gives to my body is. In my images, I do have a variety of realistic wigs (by default I will wear my blonde bob!) if preferred, which I can wear, they range from short blonde bob, platinum blonde, long dark and curly blue (please request this when initially booking sa I don't always carried ll my wigs with me!)

Currently, I do not have permanent incall location (it is undergoing renovations in Targina), so while I am often available for outcall, my incall days vary weekly depending upon pre bookings and my weekly hotel arrangements.

I am available for coffee dates, where we meet in cafe, and sit together. Kissing is optional. After a chat we can leisurely walk to my apartment or part ways, depending on your afternoon plans.

Likewise, I would love to meet for wine at a lovely bar, or your hotel lobby and again we can get to know each other before heading upstairs for something tastier. For these kinds of bookings I’ll either need a deposit, or envelope upfront (I will not ask you for an envelope, but I will expect it).

I do try my hardest to comply with the laws of each state and balance with us having a great time. I will gently notify you if we reach that boundary.

I do have an Onlyfans subscription site and infrequently appear on MFC as I am huge lover of making softcore pornography. I thoroughly enjoy the female form and creating beautiful art displaying it. This has been cultivated from years of pole dancing and stripping and I believe I border on burlesque as a very sensual strip tease artist.

I also have my own website, adult videos and am very active on Twitter - if you want to get to know me a bit more before making the call. I really want to hear from you, so take my mobile it is down below, follow my twitter and send me a message!


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  • Base Location: Brisbane
  • Mobile: 0429 587 398
    *Text Message Only

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  • Age: 27
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 74
  • Hair Colour: Dark blonde / light brown
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Curvy
  • Dress Size: 12
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Complexion/Skin: Fair


Location Start Date End Date
Sydney 05/10/2019 08/10/2019
Wollongong 08/10/2019 11/10/2019
Melbourne 05/11/2019 16/11/2019

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This is a long overdued review. We met for so many times and I am still overly excited every time just thinking about the intimacy we experienced. Ellie is a warm & sexy person, there is no need for me to say too much when we meet, she knows what I like and her body will automatically fulfill her desire. She also gives me enough freedom to explore her body as well as to feel her passion in return. She is on top of my list!


Ellie is the best and most beautifully and sexy escort going by far and so nice as well can't wait to see her when she get back from Sydney to give her a big cuddle and get so naughty and have alot of fun with a special and beautifully ladie like ellie


Ellie is, without a doubt, sexy as hell. She's tall and buxom with a cheeky smile and kisses full of passion. The two times that I have seen her she's made me feel like I was the best part of her day and she was definitely the best part of mine. Outside of the bedroom she's easy and interesting to talk to, and also a great listener. The hours I spent with her flew by and I can't wait to find the time to see her again.


I didn’t quite believe in angels until she opened the door for me at her hotel room. She stood there with her stunning tall figure welcoming me inside. I was nervous as hell but by the time she sat with me on the bed, she eased every part of me as her energy is so calming.

You can tell she’s a smart woman with how she holds conversation. And I’m a sucker for intelligence. Our lips met and this girl can kiss! Her pacing was perfect as she took off my clothes and hers. I am a tits kinda guy and oh boy you won’t be disappointed with her pair. I’d go in more detail on what happened next but it would be more fun if I left that up to her to unravel when you see her. I am getting tingles just thinking about it.

I am blessed that this fantasy with Ellie is a reality and it can become yours too.


I've seen Ellie for quite a few times by now. Her genuine respect, gorgeous figure, and stunning facial features simple make her great company when it comes to intimacy. Every time I see Ellie, I just feel so refreshed afterwards and the experience so unforgettable. Her outward beauty is only matched by her sincerity and consideration inside. I can't stop recommending her companionship enough. Don't miss this real gem.

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