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  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0409 144 115
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  • SWA: SWA 9894XE

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After a stellar six years within the adult industry, I am well known by all to be a goofy, laid back and leggy gal who knows exactly what you want and isn’t afraid to give it to you.

I am a porn professional with videos shot with Abby Winters, Feck Erotica, Anilos, Girls Out West and Only All Sites to name a few. When I’m not shooting, my legs are firmly wrapped around a pole…  but not the one you are thinking! I am an amateur level professional pole dancer, and swing my way around stages worldwide. Stay tuned to my site for links to these porn videos and pole performances!

I love sharing my life with the people I meet and this reflects in my popular blog where I discuss all things both in and out of the bedroom. If you’re a little shy or nervous, you can get to know me through here or alternatively via my subscription account on Just For Fans.

Despite the I’m as real as girls get, and I promise here that I will show you a wickedly good time.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Whether you’re a professional company or an amateur looking to extend their video portfolio, Charlie wants nothing more than to climb into bed with you.

Filming rates are dependent on the length of time, company and services requested. Please contact privately to discuss a rate.

Meet and Greet

Turn your dreams into reality and meet Charlie in person. Find out for yourself that the girl behind the screen is just as delectable in real life. Contact via email for further information.

Jet Setting Holiday Escape

Jets don’t have to be on the cards, but an extended stay away with Charlie is definitely on the cards. Cruise the sea, shack up in a local holiday house or escape to another end of the world with Charlie by your side to enjoy day and night.

Please enquire for a quote.

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  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0409 144 115
  • Email: Send Email
  • SWA: SWA 9894XE

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  • Age: 30
  • Height: 171cm
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Eye Colour: Stormy Blue
  • Couples Bookings: Yes
  • Specialised Experience:
    Girlfriend experience, Girl Next Door, Porn Star Experience


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"Her photos really just can't do her justice..."

So I will start this by saying that she's an angel. I booked at an awkward time, arrived rather inebriated, absolutely soaked from the rain, and she didn't even bat an eyelash.

Had a wonderful few hours with Charlie just relaxing and talking about life, she's an extremely interesting and intelligent woman and I totally recommend taking the time to get to know her at least a bit. She's an honest young lady and happy to be upfront with what is on her mind. It really was nice to just relax and feel safe talking about almost anything for a while.

Her photos really just can't do her justice and I will have the image of her perfect form etched in my head for some time to come.

I would definitely recommend spending a lot of time with her, I know I plan to catch up with her again at some point, even if it's just to see how life is going for her.

Saturday Night,

"I can't recommend her enough..."

Charlie is gorgeous, fun and easy to get along with. I've just gotten home and I'm still smiling and thinking about our night. I can't recommend her enough.


"a rare find a hidden gem stone..."

Finally found her peeping out from behind that book..Some texts with the hope of seeing this gorgeous woman.Busy , busy then finally some spare time
Caught Uber and that chillie wind , got into the lobby and sent the call , and the summons came back.The door opened and there she stood , not hidden behind the door but out there open to behold a picture of loveliness.
Like old friends chatting on the balcony , on the sofa to the point I thought it was time to leave.Taken by the hand and led off , some haste made me undo two top shirt buttons , " yr taking my job" she said so I put myself on her hands totally
The lingery was red and ended up being tossed across the bed.
This woman is close , down to earth beautiful exciting knows her direction in life confidant and determined .
She will achieve her dreams and offers your soul a fantastic experience and said " that's lovely ,washed all over " in the shower
Gorgeous woman , a rare find a hidden gem stone and wonderful experience. CHARLIE.


"will make your night unforgettable..."

I’ll never forget knocking on her apartment door. I’m fairly introverted and shy, and doing something like this was very new to me. I was greeted and welcomed inside by her confident, musical voice and her addictive, vibrant smile. Charlie’s apartment was clean, modern and sported a memorable view of the Brisbane night. We sat on the balcony for a chat. Our conversation flowed naturally, she was so easy to talk to considering we were sharing some hilariously embarrasing moments (maybe the champagne she served helped too).

I’ve shared lunch with successful business people and ambitious entrepreneurs; I’m used to being critical when it comes to facades of bullcrap and fake friendliness. Charlie is genuine. She’s leading a kind of superhero-esque double life, so you’d think that genuine isn’t a card on the table at this point. But I disagree. Respect her privacy and she will reward you with refreshingly direct and insightful conversation, teeming with playfulness presented in an informal, yet elegant, manner.

While this is sounding like a food review, Charlie did offer some local food. So we went for a short walk to pick it up, which actually put the last of my nerves to rest. Along the way, she recommended some local spots; I’ve tried one bar so far and the place was definitely my style! The advice she offered was very welcome. Even the food we ate was good, but I didn’t have an appetite for that.

I’m not very forward, so Charlie made the ALL of the first moves. The way she assumed control without breaking the moment was masterful. She also took on a teaching role (since I asked). This was actually as hot as it was informative. My monk-like focus had fucked off from the room, if it was ever there to begin with. However, remember her teachings, I do.

By this stage, I was made aware that she dressed exactly how I requested, down to her underwear. She is fit, like her photos show off, and she certainly takes care of her health and hygiene. She’ll be bold enough to kind of wrestle you into position while giving you the cheekiest smile, almost daring you to wrestle back. Instead, I decided to take the form of spaghetti and lay there rather lazily while she enthusiastically did everything. We kissed, a lot, her lips were soft and sweet and her skin was firm. I lost myself submersed in her silky blonde hair and it was like being caressed by thousands of Golden Retriever puppies. Or Beagles. Or Jack Russels if that’s what you’re in to.
I have to stop here. I can’t possibly convey, by limit of written language, what the rest of the night was like. Believe me, this was an experience.

Charlie turned me inside out and totally changed my understanding of sex, intimacy and my social life in general. You could say: I was mindfucked (sorry, had to). I owe this to the fact that Charlie genuinely cared about the parts of my life that I had shared with her. She spared no effort or expense and made my night as special and memorable as a first time. I’ll never forgot knocking on her door.

TL;DR Charlie is a genuinely awesome girl who will make your night unforgettable in ways that you will never expect. If you can spare the cost, do it! You’ll come to realise her value is much greater than that. Honestly, I feel like I still owe her…

Spagh Ettie,

"she made me feel absolutely 110%..."

I recently flew in for a fourth time on business to Brisbane and as most blokes know well, a stress free environment is always needed. I looked on many websites and visited two local brothels and was overwhelmed by how many ladies there are; but the quality was what I was looking for. I settled on Charlie who was just working for herself and she made me feel absolutely 110% - every man would want to experience her. I'm not going to ravel on as her service is dynamite and speaks for itself - I've already locked in Charlie again for my next trip, for longer this time.


"amazingly gorgeous blue eyes..."

Wow! Spent an evening with Charlie over dinner followed by a great night of fun. Such a beautiful lady with amazingly gorgeous blue eyes. Charlie exceeded my expectations in all regards. I can’t wait to have another experience with Charlie.


"great sense of humor..."

I saw Charlie recently and she is a lot of fun. She looks very similar to the character Karen from the TV show Californication. Beautiful striking blue eyes and a very fit body. She is down to earth, respectful and has a great sense of humor. In my opinion her best trait is her intelligence - she is very clever. She has big things ahead in her future. I have seen some incredible escorts but I would chose Charlie over them without hesitation.

Marcel S,

"Highly recommended..."

I don't usually write reviews. Mostly, every experience is individual so reviews are pretty gratuitous.
However... every year I have a difficult meeting with my partners at the Gold Coast.
It makes me very cranky indeed and it takes something special to lift that mood.
Charlie succeeded.
I'm looking forward to an even sweeter rendezvous under much more favourable circumstances.
What a super girl!
Highly recommended...


"Sexually quite an energetic and assertive girl..."

Upon first meeting Charlie the first things I noticed were her gorgeous big blue eyes and her warm smile, to match her caring personality.
Great body as you can probably tell from pics and she certainly knows how to use it.
Sexually quite an energetic and assertive girl, and was very fun to be with.

Brandy Manhattan,

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