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  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0411 399 744
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  • SWA: SWA 10213XE

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My name is Belle Summers, a sexy young leggy brunette with luscious kissable lips, dreamy bedroom eyes and a well disguised sex appeal. Reserved to be seen only by gentlemen seeking luxury of the highest calibre, you will find in admiration, beneath the classically feminine dress and soft laced lingerie, a seductress who is wild and provocative.

As an international model I have graced the catwalks of fashion capitals and have been published on covers of many high-end magazines. As much as I have accomplished professionally, nothing gives more pleasure than being in the company of discerning lovers who appreciate and desire me for who I really am. You will soon find upon meeting me that I lack any traits belonging to an ultimate diva. Rather you will find a friendly and attentive down to earth girl who loves the simple pleasures of intimacy, connection and engagement with one another.

Slim, supple and toned, my body is yours to please. I enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy and positive, and with a passion for yoga and pilates I am also a professionally trained dancer. Allow me to show you flexibility that will amaze you, perhaps a chance for us to get creative behind closed doors. Even though I am a wild vixen during our heated moments of passion, you will also find another side of me that is soft and gentle. Feeling the sense of electricity through my body with the softest touch of your fingers running down my back and the lingering of our many kisses sends me weak at the knees. A true nurturer at heart, I tend to connect with lovers who are genuine with their intentions just like I am with mine.

An elegant and light hearted dinner date, an un-rushed evening spent just the two of us, or a cheeky few hours of laughter with champagne and chocolate. Whichever you choose, as long as it's with me, I can promise you the perfect escape with the girl of your dreams with only one condition.

Let's keep the intricacies of our fun together a well kept secret. After all, there's always something sexy and thrilling about an unspoken sojourn.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Belle xxx


Sensual Girlfriend

I love to get close, I worship and love men.

1 hour - $700
2 hours - $1400
3 hours - $2000
4 hours - $2600
6 hours - $3600
12 hours - $5000

Erotic pornstar

I am a true pornstar in the bedroom with little boundaries..

1 hour - $800
2 hours - $1600
3 hours - $2200
4 hours - $2800
6 hours - $3800

Vip Filming our own movies

Make our own keep safe movie that you can keep forever. The gift that keeps on giving... I allow 2 cameras and include my gorgeous face while filming.

$1400ph Sensual Girlfriend
$1700ph Erotic Pornstar

Special Terms & Conditions

Payment is accepted by cash, visa or mastercard.

Available by appointment

Available 7 days

Flexible hours by appointment

Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice

Monday - Sunday 11am - 3am.
Pre-book to guarantee my availability for your desired time.

Clothes, lingerie and any sexual requests are welcome, I am happy to come to you exactly how you like - over the top or very discreet, I have it all covered.

Preferred Contact Method

Call or text for short notice.
0411 399 744

I am also very attentive to emails and can't wait to hear your desires. Pre-book now!


  • Base Location: Melbourne
  • Mobile: 0411 399 744
    *Text Message Only
  • Email: Send Email
  • Website: Visit Website
  • SWA: SWA 10213XE

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  • Age: 20's
  • Weight: 170
  • Hair Colour: Brunette
  • Tattoos: None
  • Smoker: No
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Complexion/Skin: Olive
  • Couples Bookings: Yes
  • Specialised Experience:
    Girlfriend Experience, Porn Star Experience


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"Sam ..."

I am delighted to write my first review of Belle Summers.

This is also my first review after my trip. I finally got to see her tonight after trying to get our schedules to align for while.

Omg, she is so much prettier, hotter and sexier than her pictures, you'll be amazed to meet her.

Belle is "exquisite beauty" in real human form. She has great conversational skills and has a unique way to capture your attention and set your mood. I was surprised how much we both had in common, right from food habits to people skills to things we both like in bed.

My time with Belle is just the beginning. I would definitely recommend Belle. She will give you an extremely pleasurable time. Shes quite down to earth and a lovely lovely companion.

I am lucky to have seen such wonderful women in my life so far (Belle is one of the very few) and I would love to be enjoy their company for days to come.

Belle, Thanks so much for such a great time. I look forward to seeing you again.



This is the second time I've been lucky enough to have had the privilege of Belle's company.

There is always a risk of disappointment, due to high expectations set after the first time, but this is simply not the case with Belle. She will go out of her way to make sure the rest of the world and its problems briefly disappear. A testament to her genuine personality and her understanding of others.

I highly encourage anyone thinking of pulling the trigger to do so and not miss out on the chance.

Until next time, thank you Belle!

"An absolute goddess..."

My dilemma:
On the back of an overseas trip I had a week in Melbourne to relax and exercise all the hedonism that the blessed city's good for. As such I had a booking all lined up for a Monday evening with a certain pale skinned, red haired and very naughty nymphet WL who I'd been talking to while I was travelling and was almost bursting at the seams to meet and enjoy some playtime with. As Melbourne Mondays are known to do, the day delivered an absolutely disastrous blow when said nymphet called early in the morning to cancel our meet. I was f#cking shattered! So much so that I'm fairly certain I even heard with my own ears the sound of my penis inverting with disappointment and sorrow.

To the interwebs I went!

As fate would have it I came across Belle's profile, and to my complete surprise i managed to get a booking with her for that very evening. Fellow punters I shit you not - after the morning's events, at that moment I felt that every good deed and karma point I'd earned in my life culminated in getting that date with Belle. The universe had delivered! And the universe continued to deliver that evening we finally met. Long story short, my night with Belle was one of the highlights of my year and I had a damn good year!

Booking and Communication:
Belle's communication was prompt, precise and a solid indication of the good things to come. I asked for a phone call to help arrange particulars and she called at the agreed time to arrange a three hour session for that evening. Belle is completely professional and takes her work very seriously. This shows in volumes with any conversation about sex, sex work and her ambitions - of which she has many! I'm a curious person in general and it was refreshing to talk to someone openly about the industry as well as her views on it.

But let me assure you, it's not all business like and far from transactional. Belle is sweet and kind and puts you at ease the entire time. Which was good because for the start of the date I think I was just staring at her blankly while drooling on myself...

She is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe and is an absolute 10.
Every single part of her, her legs, ass, breasts, skin, face, eyes and especially lips are stunning.
She would have to actually try to look unattractive.

Picture a Victoria's Secret model. Picture that same Victoria's Secret model with a toned body from years of pole and professional dancing (ask her more about that!). Now best of all, picture that Victoria's Secret model doing incredibly naughty things to you...

I repeat, fellow punters: the universe delivered!

The session I was after was her Erotic PSE which is an all inclusive rate around what I indicated above for the three hour session. I can't exactly remember the exact rate so don't hold me to it.

Now I may not have many reviews on here (yes, I've been a lurker/sponge/zerovalueusername), but I can say that I have enough experience punting to understand whether I'm getting a good deal or not. So for your own benefit, not mine, please trust me when I say that Belle is worth every. damn. cent.

I'm not a details person, but the best description I can give you is that sex with Belle is 'addictive'. From my experience and also from what I've read in her reviews she seems to work very hard to make a connection with you before, during and after sex. And it works! She is socially adaptable, very good at what she does and makes you feel like you're being worshipped when she touches you. Maybe I'm just simple or easy to please, but her combination of skill, desire to give pleasure and beauty is something I could never get enough of... So addictive is good as any description I can come up with for that!

Would I recommend? Absolutely.
Would I return? Absolutely.
Happy punting!

"A date with Belle - The Enchantress..."

I have been thinking about writing this review for a while. Have been a bit busy so I wanted to take time to try to compose my experience with this lovely lady.
On first look, she's quite innocent, absolutely gorgeous and absolutely absolutely hot! And that's exactly how she turned out to be.
I had been trying to align our schedules for a while but something or the other came up and it did not work out. Finally, I got it sorted out and had this amazing opportunity to meet Belle.
For me, the most important thing when meeting ladies is that we should feel a connection with each other, our minds and thoughts should click. From the moment I met Belle, everything was perfect. We actually connected at various levels both mentally and physically.
I was so glad I got this chance to meet her finally.
We started with chatting a bit and getting to know each other while I was trying to massage her palms, occassionally kissing her hand and DFKs follwed. Everything was smoothly flowing with us. Then we moved to the bedroom and DFKs continued with slow undressing like a true girlfriend. Belle likes to move with the flow. She put on some music which both of us liked. We held on to each other hugging and kissing.
She was wearing red lingerie and black dress which I was eager to take off.... ya I was too excited and she could feel my excitement trying to pop out of my pant. Started with DATY, while she marked the spot, I hit it right on. I was getting super excited just watching her love what I was doing. It turned me ON so much that I was about to explode. Then she gave me the best bbbj that I ever had.
This continued with some more sharing of thoughts as we lay there and it was time for round two. Oh, I love my round twos! We both were putting each others pleasure ahead of us and that was quite exciting. I like my ladies to get off multiple times. We had the best sex ever. She gives this unique squeeze to your dick inside that you can't stop yourself from exploding!
We had long and multiple orgasms and nothing could beat that.
Belle will give you a true pornstar experience and I lived through this incredible experience to tell you guys about it.
Hope you get a chance to meet Belle and I am sure she will blow your mind. I would love go on a dinner date with her next time.
Until then.... Cheers!​

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