AIBAS – Adult Industry Business Assistant Service

Jake-Ryan has launched his newest and exciting service for the adult entertainment industry. With years of experience, Jake-Ryan understands agency work and administration isn’t for everyone. This is why he has built an exclusive Personal Assistant Service called AIBAS (Adult Industry Business Assistant Service) where independent workers can take advantage of having the frustrations of their day to day operations being eliminated. This may include taking care of your accommodation, transportation, profile management, marketing, secured data management plus more.

Combined with AIMOPS (Adult Industry Marketing & Online Promotion Service), and after years of developing one of the most advanced websites, an up-to-date social media strategy and resources not found anything else, utilising Jake-Ryan’s knowledge, skills and experience you are now able to join forces and get the results you need in a much shorter time.

Jake Ryan is a true professional, an entrepreneur whose premium adult entertainment company is a one-stop-shop where adults can explore everything they’ve always wanted to.

Jake Ryan is a multi award-winning adult industry leader who is always striving to change the industry for the better, by maintaining the highest ethics and standards across the board. The bedrock of the JR philosophy is authenticity, passion and integrity and is what has brought JR such phenomenal success.

Become part of Australia’s top Adult Website with Male Escorts, Female Escorts, Dancers and Porn Channel bringing you the industries best Porn Stars, Escorts and more.

View some of the hand-picked independent workers who are currently on the website or contact us today to connect to one of our specialists to discuss your individual requirements and start achieving your desired results.

Jake Ryan - AIBAS - Adult Industry Business Assistant Service

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